Tuesday, November 15, 2005

WindowBlinds 5 BETA 3 available [News]

WindowBlinds 5 Beta 3 is now out. WindowBlinds is a program designed to enable users to completely customize their Windows GUI. It loads special "skins" called "Visual styles" that can change your title bars, push buttons, Start bar, scrollbars, and virtually every other part of the Windows GUI.

WindowBlinds 5 has a ton of new features and changes but probably the most obvious new feature is the ability to do per-pixel alpha-blended title bars, borders, and menus which enable users to have "glass" effects or borders that are very smoothed out. Other features include the elimination of wbload.exe (there is no longer a resident program required to run WindowBlinds, it behaves as part of the OS). WindowBlinds 5 also takes far more advantage of hardware acceleration by default (anyone with a recent nVidia or ATI card should immediately notice the difference. For instance, no screen repaints when users move windows in front of other windows).

BETA 3 of WindowBlinds 5 is a major step forward and if all goes well, it will move to release candidate status.

* Added .JPG wallpaper support
* Per Pixel Alpha Blended skins support left aligned buttons for Mac-style
* Per Pixel Alpha Blended skins now support text backgrounds for title bar text
* Added support for constant alpha blending on taskbar
* New trouble-shooting advisors
* Fixed issue with Norton Protection recycle pin and hopefully the weird problem with some Lexmark printer drivers
* Better support for drawing custom controls in MS Access, OnFolio, Corel Painter
* Fixed user icon changing
* Fixed Run-As issue
* Re-enabled RMB on title bar override options (yay!)
* Reflection maps can now be clipped to avoid shadows
* Apps with custom menus should work fine with custom per pixel WB menus
* Fixed remaining installer issues for X64 users.

Right now WindowBlinds 5 is only available to Object Desktop users. When completed, it'll be available on its own for $19.95. Anyone who has purchased WindowBlinds 4 after September 1 will receive WindowBlinds 5 for free.

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